Message from the Associate Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences Library System

University of Pittsburgh Day of Giving. 2.27.24. Give today. Transform Tomorrow.I invite you to join us in supporting the Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) during the 2024 Pitt Day of Giving (PDoG). At HSLS, we envision the library as more than just a repository of books and journals. Instead, we see it as a fundamental component of research, clinical care, teaching, and learning within one of the nation’s premier academic institutions. Our commitment extends beyond conventional library services, as we continuously adapt to address the ever-changing needs of our health sciences community.

Make a Donation to HSLS

Your generous contribution drives exciting advancements at HSLS. We are revolutionizing our spaces to create inclusive, dynamic environments that cater to the evolving needs of health sciences education and research. From enhanced learning spaces to seamlessly integrated technology hubs and collaborative zones for interdisciplinary interactions, these new facilities will redefine how our students interact with knowledge and with each other. Additionally, by prioritizing support for our clinical collection, we ensure access to vital resources that enhance health sciences education, stimulate innovative research, and facilitate clinical care. Our dedication to assessment allows us to adapt to the changing demands of education, research, and clinical practice, ensuring that our resources remain relevant and impactful. Furthermore, we acknowledge the critical role that immediate access to information and data plays in driving academic research and discovery. As stewards of knowledge, we are committed to offering expert guidance to researchers as they navigate the path from data collection to publication, all while championing the principles of open science and scholarly integrity.

As you consider where to direct your generosity, we present—throughout this special issue of the HSLS Update—several impactful initiatives that embody our commitment to excellence and innovation.

~Renae Barger

Support Library Operations, Outreach, and More

HSLS offers a wide array of information services, educational opportunities, and resources in print and electronic formats to faculty, students, and researchers in the schools of the health sciences. Gifts to the HSLS General Fund help support the day-to-day operations of the library, our physical collections, and our vast array of digital resources.

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Give to Student Experiences at HSLS

Falk Library is a hub of the student experience across the health sciences disciplines. We are dedicated to transforming the learning landscape by integrating state-of-the-art technology, redesigning study spaces, and curating exceptional programs. Your support to the Student Experience fund helps us to expand accessibility and foster an inclusive space where every student feels embraced and empowered.

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Fuel Research Breakthroughs with a Gift to HSLS

With liaison librarians incorporated into each of the health sciences schools, faculty can take advantage of expert guidance, specialized instruction, and curriculum support. Our Molecular Biology Information Service provides access to cutting-edge software, workshops, and consultations, equipping researchers with the tools necessary to navigate complex data and propel their investigations forward.

Researchers at all levels can access HSLS’s array of digital resources, including various databases, a vast collection of journals, and specialty collections, allowing ample opportunities for research growth and exploration. Donor support to the Research and Faculty Support fund strengthens these resources, magnifying the reach and depth of our research community.

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Honor the Legacy of Nancy Tannery

A white woman in a yellow blazer sitting behind her desk and smiling.
Nancy Tannery

As Senior Associate Director at HSLS and then as Assistant Provost, Nancy Tannery made a tremendous impact on the lives of so many at the University of Pittsburgh. Your gift to honor her legacy builds upon her family’s generosity. By choosing to name a space at Pitt in her memory, Nancy’s family has ensured that her name will continue to be synonymous with collaboration, education, and innovation for generations to come.

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