Why Search Academic Search Premier?

When you have an information need (e.g., How much is my used car worth?), you look for a resource that will have the answer. You would not look at a dining guide or travel website. You would go to a resource that queries you about the car’s condition and then provides the average price paid for a similar car. You might even look at a used car dealer or website to see what price others are asking. Continue reading

Classes for June 2017

HSLS offers classes on database searching, software applications such as Prezi, bibliographic management, and molecular biology and genetics. For more information, visit the online class calendar.

Classes are held on the first floor of Falk Library (200 Scaife Hall) in Classroom 1 and on the upper floor of the library in Classroom 2. All classes are open to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Pittsburgh. They are also open to UPMC residents and fellows, who will need to show their UPMC IDs.
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