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April 2011

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Scientific Reports: New Open Access Publication from Nature Publishing Group

Nature Publishing Group is launching a new online, open access publication called Scientific Reports. Coverage includes primary, original research in the natural sciences including biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and physics. Clinical research is not included at this time. The purpose of Scientific Reports is to provide rapid access to peer-reviewed research. Papers describing negative results will be considered if their insight is useful. The main criterion for inclusion is the technical soundness of the research.

PubMed’s “Epub Ahead of Print” Articles

Articles often appear on publishers’ Web sites prior to the release of a journal issue. Publishers also have the option of submitting these pre-publication articles to PubMed. PubMed citations for these advance articles include the notation “[Epub ahead of print].”

HSLS Update’s RSS Feed Keeps You Up-To-Date!

HSLS Update articles of immediate interest to our readers are now available more rapidly through the HSLS Update’s RSS feeds. By subscribing to an HSLS Update RSS feed, you can view articles as soon as they are published. [For a quick, non-technical introduction to RSS feeds, watch the 3-minute video, RSS in Plain English, on]

MD Consult: E-Books and More

MD Consult is a collection of electronic resources from Elsevier, the medical and scientific publisher, providing access to over 80 e-books in specialties including cardiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, pathology, and surgery. Numerous “classics” in the medical literature are included:

NAPLEX and NCLEX-RN Practice Exams Updated in Exam Master Online®

Exam Master Online®, the online preparation tool for health sciences specialty exams, has recently updated the content of two study guides.

The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination study guide has been redesigned to more fully simulate the actual experience of taking the NAPLEX, and contains 185 questions covering all topics outlined in the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy NAPLEX Blueprint.

Directors Reflections…Uncertain Times

Barbara EpsteinAs I write this column, the University is experiencing considerable anxiety over proposed budget cuts in its state appropriation. The Pitt community is mobilizing to demonstrate to the legislators and the governor our important contributions to the health and well-being of our city, state and region, but the outcome is still unclear.

Treasures from the Rare Book Room

The Diseases Incident to Armies: With the Method of Cure, translated from the original of Baron Gerard van Swieten, was published for the use of military and naval surgeons in America.

NCBI Holds a Mirror to Third Party Web Tools for Searching Biomedical Literature

Biomedical literature continues to grow exponentially. At the same time, greater numbers of researchers, healthcare providers, students, and members of the general public are trying their hand at searching this literature on their own. Librarians, information scientists and information industry developers are creating tools to facilitate the process of searching this vast literature.

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