Get the Apps for Micromedex, UpToDate, and More with the HSLS Mobile Apps Guide

Did you know that some of your favorite HSLS resources are available as mobile apps? Just like you would visit the HSLS website first for direct access to a resource, you can visit the HSLS Mobile Apps guide for the links you need to get authenticated access to apps. The menu of apps includes the Micromedex Drug Reference app, the UpToDate app, the Access app, the ClinicalKey app, and more. These mobile apps allow you to view content such as drug information, e-books, articles, calculators, videos, and more in a mobile-friendly format. The way you access our subscription content in each app varies, so start by selecting an app on the HSLS Mobile Apps guide and review the “Create an Account” information.

The five Micromedex apps are some of the most popular, providing extensive reference information for drugs. Apps specific to Drug Interactions as well as IV Compatibility are included. For drug information for specific populations, there are separate NeoFax (neonatal) and Pediatric Reference apps. These apps are text-based, and content is updated every 30 days.

The UpToDate app provides a broad range of reference material and clinical topics. As you search and browse content, the UpToDate app tracks your history, most-viewed content, and bookmarks for quick, continued access to topics you visit most. By logging in with your UpToDate account, you are also able to earn and track free CME/CE/CPD credit within the app. Content includes text, images, tables, and figures. UpToDate Pathways and medical calculators are also available in the app. Content in the app must be updated when prompted, and you must verify your UpToDate account every 90 days.

HSLS reviews apps for resources on a regular basis, so new and redesigned apps are featured. For example, the redesigned Access app was featured in the November 2023 issue of the HSLS Update.

For questions on using mobile apps or any other HSLS resource, please contact Ask a Librarian.

~Julia Dahm