Access App Now Available

The new Access App from McGraw-Hill Medical brings the AccessMedicine, AccessPharmacy, and AccessSurgery databases to your Android or Apple devices, making it easy to search, save, and share their resources on the go. To get started, you will need to have a McGraw-Hill Access profile. Creating a profile online will allow you to easily sign into the Access App and authenticate your profile through the University of Pittsburgh to gain access to the content. Visit the HSLS Mobile Apps – Access App page to learn more about creating an account and downloading the Access App.

Screenshot off the Access app from a smart phone
Set your education or career level in the Access app.

Once signed in, you can personalize the content in your dashboard by adding your learning preferences, the subject you are most interested in learning, and how far you are in your education. Your dashboard personalizes itself with recommendations, new suggested content, recently viewed material, current popular chapters, and review questions by subject.

In the Access App, you can search for content within HSLS’s subscribed Access databases on the go. You can access books, book chapters, cases, diagnostic tools, figures, images, infographics, quick reference resources, and tables. While searching, you can refine your search to these preferred content types listed above.

The Access App makes it easy to view, listen, and read the content within the app. While viewing audio-visual content, you can use subtitles and adjust the playback speed. While looking at textual content, you can make the font larger or smaller. You can also search within the text to find the details you need. The diagnostic tool content in the app provides the etiology, differential diagnosis, and related content for the diagnosis.

When you find content in the Access App that interests you, you can save it to your favorites, add it to view later, create a new collection, or download it for offline viewing in the Access App. You can also share content you find with others via text or email.

With all the content within the Access App, you will likely find something to read, listen to, or study!

For questions or help with the Access App, please contact Ask a Librarian.

~Alyssa Young