Asynchronous Course Content from HSTalks

The fall semester is quickly approaching, and instructors working on finalizing content for hybrid or online courses can find useful resources and support at HSLS. Before you begin creating additional slides and presentations, check out the high-quality, well-produced material available from Henry Stewart Talks (HSTalks).

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection: Lectures by leading world experts, from HSTalks, contains valuable resources for personal or classroom education in basic sciences and medical topics. The database is primarily known for providing animated, online, audio-visual lectures, seminar-style talks, and case studies. Content is labeled with a level, so it is easy to identify which talks are suitable for undergraduates versus which might be better for advanced researchers. Over 3,000 talks are currently indexed on the site and new talks are published monthly. Any of these talks can easily be linked to or embedded within a Canvas course as a supplement to your current course. In addition, complete courses, including lectures, exam questions, and supplemental materials, are available to link or embed.

Get started by taking advantage of the complementary curation service provided by HSTalks. Submit your syllabus to have it reviewed by content specialists. They will provide a tailored list of material, such as relevant lectures, from the collection that could be integrated into your course.

If you prefer to search for content yourself, find relevant talks by browsing by category (biochemistry, cancer, cell biology, clinical practice, etc.) or therapeutic area (cardiovascular and metabolic, dermatology, gastroenterology and nephrology, etc.). You can also use the search box on the home page and then use the filters to narrow your results.

For those researchers or practitioners looking for professional development, many talks are accredited for CME. If a talk has been approved for credit, an “Earn CME Credit” link will show on the talk’s page. You can also search for a topic and then use the “Accreditation” filter to show relevant content.

Content from HSTalks is freely available 24/7 to all Pitt affiliates. Search PittCat for “Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection: Lectures by leading world experts,” navigate to the same on our Databases A-Z list, or go directly to the HSTalks website. Content is also searchable via the “Videos” tab on the HSLS MolBio homepage. You will need to use remote access if off campus.

To learn more about navigating the site, view the HSTalks Quick Start Guide or view their short tutorial video. If you need help with using HSLS resources within your courses, please contact your liaison librarian or reach out to Ask a Librarian.

~Rose Turner