New NIH Website for Scientific Data Sharing

After a long development process, the NIH’s new Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy will go into effect on January 25, 2023. The key feature of the new policy is that all researchers applying to the NIH for funding will be required to submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan (or DMSP) with their funding proposal; previously, many centers and funding opportunities had required a similar data management plan, but the requirement was not universal. The new policy does not require that researchers share their data (either with other researchers or with the public) but does convey “an expectation that researchers will maximize appropriate data sharing when developing plans.”

With January 2023 fast approaching, many have asked for more specific guidance from the NIH. The NIH has recently launched the Scientific Data Sharing website with helpful notices that expand the DMS Policy, such as:

The website also includes guidance for understanding the overall NIH policy, data sharing policies for particular NIH institutes and centers, and the related Genomic Data Sharing Policy. You’ll find explanations of similar policies for sharing model organisms, providing public access to published papers, disseminating clinical trial data, and creating/using research tools. Information also extends to NIH-supported data repositories, covering how to access data, choose an appropriate repository for your data, and submit the data package itself.

The new NIH scientific data sharing website is an excellent source of authoritative information on the updated policy’s requirements. For more local guidance, HSLS Data Services is available to help you identify requirements of the policy that may affect your research and advise on crafting a successful Data Sharing and Management Plan. Please contact Data Services for questions or to start a conversation.

~Helenmary Sheridan