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Featured Workshop: Finding Information in Support of Health Equity Research

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Featured workshop of the month: Finding Information in Support of Health Equity Research

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 10–11 a.m.

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It can be complicated to find information in support of health equity research in scholarly databases due to outdated keywords, complex controlled vocabulary, changes in the language used by researchers, and bias in classification. Participants of this class will gain the resources to find and more critically evaluate research that involves race, populations, disparities, and other health equity concepts.

During this class, we discuss strategies and resources for researching health disparities and social determinants of health. This workshop is ideal for those with some database searching experience who want to learn the specific skills needed to search for concepts related to health equity research.

Participants can expect the following from this class:

  • A discussion of the importance of health equity research
  • Tips on how to use subject headings and keywords to search for a specific population in a database
  • Practical methods to search for health equity research using a combination of subject headings and keywords
  • Guidance on how to develop a PubMed search strategy to find citations to inform your research project, as well as suggestions for additional databases
  • Hands-on practice in searching for a topic

The audience is encouraged to share their topics or questions, as our instructors can offer tailored strategies. As this class provides a broad overview, instructors are available to talk more in depth during a consultation or follow up after class.

If you are unable to attend, this scheduled session can also be repeated on request. Request a customized session of Finding Information in Support of Health Equity Research and other HSLS workshops for your course, group, or department.

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*HSLS classes are open to University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students, as well as UPMC residents and fellows. A valid email address is required to register.

~Marissa Spade