HSLS Adds New E-books to Digital Collection

Book cover with title The Social Medicine Reader, Volume 1, 3rd Edition, Ethics and Cultures of BiomedicineHSLS has a vast collection of electronic resources such as e-journals, databases, and even e-books. The HSLS Health Sciences E-Books page has a subject listing of the many e-books available to our users.

Two new volumes of the e-book, The Social Medicine Reader, have recently been added to our digital collection. This revised 3rd edition features commentaries by practicing physicians and moving narratives of challenges that health care providers face every day. This edition is authored by scholars across the fields of medicine, social sciences, and humanities.

Access to electronic resources is restricted to authorized University of Pittsburgh and UPMC-affiliated users unless otherwise specified. If you are affiliated with Pitt, always start your e-book or e-journal search from the HSLS web site, which will use your Pitt credentials to provide you access to full e-books or full-text e-journal articles while working remotely.

You can also conveniently access many of these e-books and e-journals on the go. Most e-books and e-journals use mobile websites for browsing, and some are available through mobile apps.

For access and use restrictions on electronic resources, please contact Digital Library Services at techserv@pitt.edu. If you have questions about how to use a specific electronic resource, please contact a research and instruction librarian with the Ask a Librarian form.

~Marissa Spade