Streamline Your Workflow with LabArchives

labarchives Chance Favors the Organized Lab labarchives.comWhat is LabArchives? It is ERN software licensed by Pitt since 2016 for the organization, communication, instruction, sharing, and management of scientific research and data.

What is an ERN? An Electronic Research Notebook is a secure, cloud-based platform to organize and manage your research and lab data safely.

Why use LabArchives? Digital notebooks offer features that are not possible with traditional paper lab notebooks.

  • Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection, including mobile devices
  • Cloud storage with secure backup
  • Notebook, folder, and entry-level sharing with colleagues and collaborators, even external to Pitt
  • Save multiple file types: text, images, links, references, comments, PDFs, spreadsheets, slides, and more
  • Searchable entries by keyword, date, or use
  • Sensitive/high-risk data may be included upon consultation with Pitt IT Security
  • Traceable history of edits as all versions are saved indefinitely

How to use LabArchives? There are easy ways to start integrating LabArchives into your workflow.

  • Collect links to journal articles using PubMed Reference
  • Create a lab manual for techniques, methods, protocols, important documents, etc.
  • Export files from partner applications such as SnapGene and GraphPad Prism
  • Inventory lab supplies using Widgets
  • Organize and annotate images

How to access LabArchives? A email account is required (sponsored accounts possible upon request).

  • Log in with Pitt Passport to the My Pitt website. Select “Electronic Research Notebooks” in the right column to redirect to LabArchives.
  • Sign in directly from the LabArchives website, select University of Pittsburgh from the partner site login, and enter your information on Pitt Passport.
  • Download the LabArchives app for iOS or Android to use on your mobile device.

Need help with LabArchives? HSLS librarians are available for classroom or individualized training with: organizing notebooks, setting access permissions, customizing features, sharing notebooks/folders/entries, exporting copies of notebooks, and more. For further information about using LabArchives, please visit:

~Carrie Iwema