Director’s Reflections…Appreciation

Barbara Epstein
HSLS Director

We are particularly grateful to the donors listed below who generously supported HSLS with monetary gifts and in-kind contributions from January-December 2018. Through the support of these thoughtful people, HSLS can continue to provide essential resources to enhance the quality of health care in western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Dr. Thomas Benedek

Patricia Bookamyer

Arnold M. and Barbara A. Epstein

Dr. Kenneth L. Euler

Malgorzata Fort

Dr. Bernard D. Goldstein

Dr. Carol E. Roach Mattes

Dr. George W. and Joyce E. Nemeth

Dr. Beth M. Piraino

Dr. Joseph Salkowitz

Dr. Elizabeth A. Schlenk

Nancy H. Tannery

Lari A. Wertz