Pitt Resources for Next Gen Sequencing

Do you need…

  • advice on study design or statistical analysis approaches before starting an important project?
  • low or high throughput sequencing of DNA, RNA, single cell, exome, whole genome, microbiome, or biological samples?
  • assistance with analyzing RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, variant analysis, or microbiome data?
  • access to software, computing, and data storage?

The University of Pittsburgh has multiple facilities and resources to help investigators with research involving Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Faculty and staff are available to identify appropriate technology applications, answer questions, and assist with research flow, including referrals to other facilities.

Interactive NGS decision tree

A Guide to Getting Started compiles all Pitt NGS resources into one website with the links below:

An interactive decision tree is available to help researchers determine the kind of NGS research project support they require, as well as a Quick Reference Card for those who already have NGS experience.

~Carrie Iwema