Out with the Old, in with the New

Visitors to hsls.pitt.edu in the new year will notice a new look. If you miss the familiarity of the old website, you’ll find that the information you are looking for is still convenient, but now in a sleeker design that is adaptable on mobile devices.

Here are 7 key areas of the new hsls.pitt.edu home page:

  1. Ask a Librarian—contact us with your question, request, or concern

Ask a Librarian screen shot

  1. Remote Access—connect to library resources while outside of Pitt’s network

Remote Access screenshot

  1. Search—toggle between Pitt resource search, E-book full text search, and bioPreprint search

  1. News & Announcements—now with a quick list of upcoming classes and events

  1. Services—new expanded list on the front page

Services menu screenshot

  1. Resources—PubMed, UpToDate, and more easy-to-access resources

Resources menu screenshot

  1. Featured—link to the HSLS Update, special collections, NNLM MAR, and more

Featured links screenshot

Love the new look? See something that doesn’t look right? We are taking your feedback to ensure that hsls.pitt.edu is responsive to your information needs.

~Julia Dahm