Energy Conservation Is for Buildings, Not People

As I concentrate on my long, complex character-driven PubMed search strategy, my large muscle movements cease while my eyes focus. Do I need an extra parenthesis to nest that query properly? Being sedentary at work is a natural consequence of the knowledge enterprise.

An initiative to stimulate workers to move more during the workday could be motion as medicine. Possible substantiation comes from a recent study that found a computer prompt that required subjects to stand and engage in brief activity, increased calorie expenditure, and reduced sitting time during the workday. Taking workplace fitness to a whole other level, this has become an addition to the “Year of Healthy U” and “Be Fit Pitt” endeavors. Subscribe to the “Be Fit Pitt” initiative to receive text or e-mail alerts reminders to take activity breaks.

See these links for activities you could use to promote your office fitness:

~ Michele Klein-Fedyshin