New Quiet Study Area in Falk Library

Desks in new quiet study areaFrequent visitors to the library may note how it can be a busy place, and not always quiet. You may find yourself distracted by others setting up at a computer, getting papers from the printer, or just chatting with fellow classmates during a study break. In response to the student requests, a new quiet study area has opened on Falk Library’s main floor. An enclosed area separate from the main part of the library, the quiet study room seats 44 at individual study carrels, with a four-seat table also available. The room entrance is located beyond the bookshelves in the far left corner of the library’s main floor. The entrance will soon be programmed for swipe card access for health sciences students using their Pitt ID cards. Those studying in this room are asked to remain quiet to create a distraction-free environment.

Coming soon, an additional study area will be located across from the Director’s Office suite on the library’s main floor.