ORCID ID logoWhat is ORCID?

ORCID is the acronym for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. ORCID.org is a non-profit global organization that developed and supports the ORCID iD, a unique and persistent author identifier that recognizes an author’s name and all variants throughout his or her career. An ORCID account is completely controlled by the author.

What is the value of an ORCID iD to researchers?

An ORCID iD reliably links authors to their scholarly works, improving discoverability in databases and repositories. Automated submissions to publishers and funding agencies can save time and eliminate duplication.

 Are ORCID iDs required by publishers and funding agencies?

ORCID iDs are required by major science publishers, such as Springer Nature, Science, PLoS, eLife and BioMed Central, while mega-publishers Elsevier, Wiley, and Wolters Kluwer have also integrated ORCID into their submission systems. ProQuest (Pivot) sees ORCID as supporting “linkages between researchers and their professional activities ensuring that their work is recognized and meaningful.” The list continues to grow.

 What is the ORCID iD initiative at the University of Pittsburgh?

HSLS has partnered with ULS to bring the ORCID iD to Pitt authors to enable reliable name disambiguation, and enhance discoverability and accurate attribution. The ORCID iD can be added to Pitt’s Faculty Information System (FIS) to make it easier to accurately import all types of scholarly works into FIS profiles to automate annual faculty reports and CVs.

How can I sign up for an ORCID iD?

Register for a free ORCID iD at https://orcid.pitt.edu/, and remember to grant trusted status to Pitt. For more information, see the HSLS Guide to ORCID@Pitt.

What can I do with my ORCID account after registration?

First, add your affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh so viewers recognize that you are the “J. Smith” at Pitt rather than at Duquesne, for example. Next, link Scopus to your ORCID iD to populate your ORCID record. For instructions, see the HSLS ORCID Guide 1: Link Scopus to ORCID to automatically download your publications.

For more information, see the HSLS guides: Scholarly Communication and Research Impact-Enhance Your Impact. You can also contact Andrea Ketchum at ketchum@pitt.edu or call 412-648-9757.

~Andrea Ketchum