Changes to HSLS Online Resources

ACP Smart Medicine, AHFS DI Essentials, and ACP Journal Club

ACP Smart Medicine (formerly known as ACP PIER) will no longer be available as of December 23, 2015. ACP Smart Medicine was produced by the American College of Physicians, which has decided to discontinue the resource at the end of this year.

HSLS has subscribed to ACP Smart Medicine through STAT!Ref, where it has been bundled with two other resources: AHFS DI Essentials and ACP Journal Club. Access via STAT!Ref to these resources will also cease on December 23, 2015, but there are other options for accessing their content:

  • ACP Journal Club articles appear in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, where they can be found alongside other articles in each month’s second issue. They are also collected under the “Journal Club” tab on the Annals Web site. If you search PITTCat or browse the HSLS E-Journals list for ACP Journal Club, you will see a link to access via the American College of Physicians, publisher of the Annals.

Clinical Evidence and Cochrane Clinical Answers

Clinical Evidence (from BMJ) and Cochrane Clinical Answers (from the Cochrane Library/Wiley) will no longer be available as of December 23, 2015. The HSLS subscriptions to these resources will be canceled at the end of 2015. This cancellation does not affect other Cochrane Library resources to which HSLS subscribes.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines recently replaced Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, which is no longer available. Natural Medicines combines the content of Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and the Natural Standard.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Journals

Effective January 1, 2016, the HSLS subscriptions to AAAS journals will be available to Pitt users only. They will no longer be available to users on the UPMC network. If you have a Pitt affiliation but are working from a computer on the UPMC network, you will need to log into EZproxy using your Pitt credentials in order to access the AAAS subscription journals: Science, Science Signaling, and Science Translational Medicine. AAAS’s open access journal, Science Advances, is freely available to all.

Additional changes to HSLS online journals will be announced in the February 2016 issue of the HSLS Update.

~Jeff Husted