Achieve NIH Public Access Policy Compliance with NCBI’s “My Bibliography”

Do you have publications that are non-compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy? Did you know that the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) have resources that will quickly and easily lead you through the compliance process? The most important of these is My Bibliography, which is now the one and only place to record publications resulting from NIH grants. My Bibliography is also a compliance management tool.

Enter publications once in My Bibliography, and that information flows through to all other NCBI tools and resources. When a PMCID is issued, it will automatically appear in My Bibliography and flow through to all other linked resources, such as the Research Performance Progress Report, reducing duplication of effort and opportunity for error. Within My Bibliography, publications can be associated with awards. Recognizing that others may add publications based on your awards, My NCBI will automatically add those newly associated citations to your collection and notify you.

When you login to My Bibliography using your eRA Commons credentials, the information in My Bibliography links to your eRA Commons account. Look for the eRA icon in the upper right to confirm the connection.

eRA icon in upper right corner
eRA icon in upper right corner

To access NIH Public Access Compliance tools in My Bibliography:

  1. From My Bibliography, click on Manage My Bibliography.
  2. Click on Display Settings.
  3. Select Award, and then sort by “Public Access Compliance.” (Note: The Award View is only available to eRA Commons users with active grants who have linked their My NCBI and eRA Commons accounts.)
Award option
Award View option

Compliance status for each publication is color-coded. Users can edit the compliance status for each publication, reporting errors, updates, or changes back to NIH directly from My Bibliography.

For more resources and contact information, visit the HSLS Scholarly Communications LibGuide and click on the NIH Public Access Policy tab.

For illustrated instructions, see the following NLM publications:

~Andrea M. Ketchum