HSLS E-Books: STAT!Ref

STAT!Ref is one of several e-book platforms to which HSLS provides access. While some platforms only include e-books from a single publisher, STAT!Ref provides access to e-books from multiple publishers via a single interface. STAT!Ref currently includes 32 e-books, as well as ACP PIER, an evidence-based, point-of-care tool.

Our subscription includes access to new editions that are automatically updated. STAT!Ref includes many authoritative titles in medicine and nursing, as well as drug information resources. A few of the most popular e-books include:

  • ACP Medicine
  • ACS Surgery: Principles & Practice
  • AHFS Drug Information
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 4th Edition (DSM-IV-TR)
  • DrugPoints System
  • Fundamental & Advanced Nursing Skills
  • ICD-9-CM
  • Sparks & Taylor’s Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual


Additional content provided by STAT!Ref includes:

  • Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
  • MedCalc 3000
  • STAT!Ref Medical News Feed (available with sign-up)
  • STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts (available with sign-up)


You can search within the STAT!Ref platform itself. The advanced search option allows you to limit your search to a particular title or group of titles in a specific discipline. Search the entire platform by typing STAT!Ref in the Pitt Resources Quick Search (http://www.hsls.pitt.edu) box or in the PITTCat for the Health Sciences Search Term(s) box.

To access individual e-books:

~ Jeff Husted