First CONSULT, an Evidence-Based Clinical Information Tool

2.FirstCONSULTFirst CONSULT, from the producers of MD CONSULT, provides health professionals with authoritative, continuously updated, evidence-based, point-of-care information. Information is based on multiple sources including, but not limited to, respected textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, evidence-based databases, drug alerts, practice guidelines, and position papers reviewed and edited by opinion leaders in clinical practice.

Evidence is summarized, where possible, from systematic reviews of primary research from the Cochrane Collaboration. Evidence-based guidelines from the National Guideline Clearinghouse and the Web sites of relevant learned societies, professional associations, and government organizations are also included.

You can search for information by medical topic, differential diagnosis, or procedure.

Medical topics are broken down into easy-to-navigate pages with information on background, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, and prevention.  A summary is given at the beginning of the text and evidence-based references and guidelines are part of the resources listed at the end.

Differential Diagnosis provides a rapid evaluation of your patient’s complaint with interactive access to potential diagnoses ordered by age and prevalence.

Procedures provides clear systematic guidance of procedures integral to the practice of medicine across many specialties. Videos and animations are included.

First CONSULT is designed for use at point of care and is included in search results on the library’s Clinical Focus search tool. To access it directly, type “First CONSULT” in the search.HSLS box on the HSLS home page.  It can be accessed remotely as well. For questions, email Ask A Librarian.

Parts of this article were reprinted from MD CONSULT.

~ Linda Hartman