Directors Reflections…Welcome to New and Continuing Students and Faculty!

Barbara EpsteinThough the calendar year begins in January and the fiscal year in July, the start of classes and students’ return to campus in August always seems like the “real” new year to me.  Though we relaxed a bit over the summer, now we’re busy with orientations and new projects.

This issue has information on upcoming workshops about online tools to enhance your current awareness, productivity and personal organization.  And mark your calendar to attend our conference on mobile computing on Friday, October 29.

Check your wallet for old library copy cards, and be sure to use all of the credits before September; after that, we will switch to a new system and any remaining value will be lost.

This issue also reports on “cool tools” from MedlinePlus, new e-resources in bioinformatics, and a Web site called JANE, that helps you identify relevant journals for your manuscripts and others working on research topics similar to yours.

Remember that each school has a designated liaison librarian—have you met yours?  If not, we’ve listed their names and contact information in this issue.  Stop by and introduce yourself!

Make a note to yourself to attend one of our classes this year, or learn about an HSLS service or resource.  We’re looking forward to “seeing” you online or in-person.