New Bioinformatics Resources: Lasergene and Partek Genomics Suite

Are you a frustrated Mac user trying to find sequence analysis software? Have you been searching for software to help you with data on copy number variation? We’ve heard you, and we’ve licensed new resources, Lasergene and Partek Genomics Suite, to help you out!

mb_lasergeneLasergene is comprehensive software for DNA and protein sequence analysis, contig assembly, and sequence project management.  It is compatible with Windows Vista and XP as well as Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.4. The software consists of an integrated suite of seven modules:

SeqBuilder: visualization, sequence editing, Primer design and virtual cloning
SeqMan Pro: sequence assembly, Next-Gen sequence analysis and SNP discovery
MegAlign: sequence alignment
PrimerSelect: oligo primer design
Protean: protein structure analysis and prediction
GeneQuest: gene finding
EditSeq: utility for importing unusual file types

Use Lasergene for primer design, virtual cloning, SNP analysis, and protein structural analysis.  The Data Manager synchronizes data between the modules, allowing for easy and seamless editing.mb_partek

Partek Genomics Suite (Partek GS) is a comprehensive suite of advanced statistical and interactive data visualization tools designed to reliably extract biological signals from noisy data.  It is available for both PC and Mac, and consists of five applications:

Partek GS for Gene Expression Data
Partek GS for Exon Expression Data
Partek GS for Chromosomal Copy Number Data
Partek GS for Promoter Tiling Array Data
Partek GS for SNP Association Studies

Use Partek GS powerful statistics and interactive data visualization to easily analyze and compare a variety of genomic data sets, such as gene expression, exon, copy number, mapping, tiling, and SNP data.

To access Lasergene or Partek GS, visit Licensed Tools on the Molecular Biology portal.

For more information regarding Lasergene or Partek GS, please contact either Ansuman Chattopadhyay at 412-648-1297, Carrie Iwema at 412-383-6887, or Ask A MolBio Librarian.

Parts of this article were reprinted from Lasergene and Partek.

~ Carrie Iwema

Posted in the 2009 Issue