Director’s Reflections…Thank You to Our Donors!


The past year has been exceptionally difficult as the library faced the dual challenges of an economic downturn and rising costs of information resources.  While many of our vendors were willing to forego scheduled price increases, others were not as accommodating.

Thus, we are particularly grateful to the donors listed below who generously supported the library with monetary gifts and in-kind contributions from November 2008 through October 2009.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season, and a successful and prosperous new year!

Monetary Contributions
Dr. Teisa An
Dr. Nancy A. Baker
Dr. Eileen Maria Bartolomucci
Dr. Robert Michael Dephilip
Barbara and Arnold Epstein
Friends of Inge Soffietti
Dr. Mark Barclay Gibb
Mr. Jie Han
Dr. Deborah L. Hung
Dr. Walter Karl Kraft, Jr.
Giselle J. Leonardo
Dr. Robert David Lille
Dr. G. Daniel Martich
Janet Lynn Misko
Dr. John Jefferson Moossy
John Kerr Musgrave IV
Dr. Delynne J. Myers
Stanton H. and Carol D. Pearlman
Carolyn M. Phalin
Dr. Karen Lee Rach-Boretsky
Dr. Barry Richard Reznick
Dr. William E. Rinehart
Dr. Joseph Salkowitz
Louise Platt Schulhof
Lee and Judy Silverman
Dr. Earl Charles Smith
Dr. Nancy Nan-Szu Sun
Dr. Thomas J. Tredici
UPMC Shadyside Auxilliary
Liping Wang
Yuqing Zhang

Gifts of Books or Journals
Douglas Balsley
Dr. Frances H. Critchfield
William P. Hogle
Sue Kennedy
Dr. Arthur S. Levine
Dr. Eric Miller
Dr. Donald M. Mrvos
Dr. Jack L. Paradise
Karen A. Schmieder
Sophie and Cici Verska

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