www.antimicrobe.org is a reference tool for physicians, microbiologists, and pharmacists who are interested in pathogens and antimicrobial agents.
Victor L. Yu, professor of medicine, University of Pittsburgh, and chief, Infectious Disease Section, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, is editor-in-chief of this resource. Content is based upon his textbooks Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines, Vol. I: Microbes, Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines Volume II: Antimicrobial Agents, and the in-process title Empiric. Also contained in this resource is HIV Clinical Manual, edited by David D. Ho.

These titles are searchable together or can be browsed independently by clicking on the specific book link. A “sliding table of contents” is available to allow simplified navigation through titles.

A unique feature of www.antimicrobe.org is the Smart Search, designed to retrieve specific microbe information including microbiology, susceptibility, epidemiology, antimicrobial therapy, clinical manifestations, vaccines, laboratory diagnosis, and more. Also displayed is a “Guided PubMed Search” link that retrieves relevant references. Smart Search can be accessed through links following the name of any individual pathogen in the Microbes textbook or through the “advanced search screen” link located on the main page.

To access www.antimicrobe.org, type “www.antimicrobe.org” into the search.HSLS quick search box at www.hsls.pitt.edu. Once on the resources main page, users must click on the link “Institutional Users Access Here”, located on the right of the page.

This article is adapted from a December 2005 HSLS Update article written by Charlie Wessel.

Posted in the 2008 Issue