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Changes to the HSLS Journal Collection for 2014

Rising journal subscription costs and the dynamic journal publishing landscape have profound impacts on library collections and budgets. Libraries strive to build collections that meet their users’ needs, but cost-effective management of those collections may require the cancellation of low-use titles. In addition, when journals switch publishers, libraries can either gain access to new titles or lose access to existing ones.

The HSLS subscription to ClinicalKey greatly expanded our electronic collection. Please check out this comprehensive, clinical reference resource—you’ll find it in the Quick Links section on the HSLS Web site. ClinicalKey brought approximately 200 new electronic journals (not to mention numerous e-books, videos, and images) to the collection, including:

In addition, the following electronic journals have been added to the HSLS collection for 2014:

1. Availability expected later in 2014.

For the electronic journals listed below, 2014 and future articles will not be available due to cancellation, ceasing of publication, or other publication change. Note that in many cases, 2013 and earlier articles will remain available. University of Pittsburgh users may order individual articles for a small fee through the HSLS Document Delivery Service.

~ Jeff Husted

Posted in the February 2014 Issue