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February 2013

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Treasures from the Rare Book Room: Willibald Pirckheimer’s Podagra Laus

Willibald Pirckheimer (1470-1530), a German humanist from Nuremberg, was a friend of Erasmus and Albert Dürer and one of the most acclaimed men of his time. He was educated in Italy, and upon his return was elected to the Nuremberg City Council. Pirckheimer was able to help the city with his legal expertise. His fierce temperament and outspoken criticism, however, did not make him popular among his fellow citizens. Despite many years of service and his patrician background, he never achieved the same admiration in his native city that he enjoyed elsewhere as a gifted and influential spokesman of German humanism. He chose Latin as his language of expression, but initially did not publish very much. It was the breadth of his interests, connections, and views expressed in letters that earned him fame.

NN/LM MAR Provides Services to the Public Health Workforce

Flu outbreaks—workplace and school safety—emergency preparedness and response—food safety. What do these things have in common? They are all public health issues.

THANK YOU to our Generous Donors

Below is a list of those generous people who have contributed to the library’s gift fund in 2012. With the support of these thoughtful donors, HSLS can continue to provide essential resources to enhance the quality of health care in western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Wiley Journals Permit Deposit of Articles in Pitt’s Repository

Publisher John Wiley & Sons and the NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium (of which the University of Pittsburgh is a member) have negotiated blanket permission for authors to deposit their articles into local institutional repositories. D-Scholarship@Pitt is the institutional repository for the research output of the University of Pittsburgh, providing stable, long-term storage and ongoing maintenance for content deposited by Pitt authors. Materials are submitted directly by authors with an active University of Pittsburgh Computer Account.

HSLS Staff News

The HSLS Staff News section includes recent HSLS presentations, publications, staff changes, staff promotions, degrees earned, etc.


Jonathon Erlen, history of medicine librarian, published “Current Journal Articles on Disability History: Dissertations” in H-Disability: an H-Net Discussion Network, December 1, 2012 and January 1, 2013.


In 2013, the HSLS Director and six faculty librarians will celebrate 20 years or more of service at the University of Pittsburgh.

Classes March-April

HSLS offers classes on database searching, software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, bibliographic management, molecular biology and genetics, and library orientations. For more information, visit the online course descriptions.

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