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Electronic Lab Notebooks Now Available to Pitt Researchers

ELN What is an electronic lab notebook (ELN), and why use one? Quite simply, ELNs are designed to replace paper lab notebooks that can be damaged, misplaced, or potentially altered. The digital nature of ELNs allows for:

labarchives-logoThanks to Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), Pitt now has an enterprise license for an ELN, LabArchives. After surveying the research community, it was determined that having access to an ELN facilitates researcher interest in improving workflow and data documentation, addresses the University’s legal, regulatory, quality assurance, records management, collaboration, and centralized reporting needs, and is valuable for research data management in general. CSSD has created numerous resources in support of LabArchives:

There are three ways for University of Pittsburgh researchers to access LabArchives:

LabArchives also has numerous resources to help users get started creating their lab notebooks:

The Health Sciences Library System Data Management Group is here to assist all University of Pittsburgh researchers with any data management questions, including those regarding ELNs. Additional information is available in the Data Management Guide.

~Carrie Iwema

Posted in the June 2016 Issue