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Bioinformatics Videos “On Demand”

Have you ever missed a seminar because your experiment took longer than expected? Or got caught up in a meeting and forgot about a workshop you wanted to attend? Maybe you’re working at night with new data analysis software and have a question, but there’s no one to ask because it’s so late? It can be frustrating when your information needs and interests don’t coincide with the exact times such information is typically offered.

The HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service (MBIS) has online resources to help you learn at your own pace. MBIS has created a tool that searches multiple resources to help scientific researchers easily find talks, seminars, lectures, workshops, symposia, podcasts, tutorials, and instructional videos on your biomedical topic of interest.

MBIS video

Resources include:

Please contact us with suggestions of additional bioinformatics video resources to include in the search tool.

~Carrie Iwema

Posted in the January 2015 Issue