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Ask your School’s Liaison Librarian

Do you have a question regarding how to search a specific database? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin researching a topic of interest? Ask for help from your school’s liaison librarian, contact information below.

Liaison librarians provide a communication link between HSLS and the departments and programs within the schools of the health sciences and UPMC. Liaisons have in-depth expertise in retrieving, evaluating, and managing information in these subject areas.

Liaison librarians are available to:

• make presentations to departments or courses regarding library programs, resources, and services.
• incorporate library and information management skills into the curriculum;
• provide instruction on the use of online information resources;
• identify and evaluate subject specific Web sites;
• collaborate on research projects or grants;
• perform professional-level literature searches;
• review and validate your search strategies;
• answer questions about library collections, remote access, or document delivery;
• consult one-on-one on in-depth or specialized topics.

HSLS Liaison Librarians

Dental Medicine
John Siegel, MLS
, 412-648-1973

Graduate School of Public Health
Contact Charles B. Wessel, MLS, 412-648-8730

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Linda Hartman, MLS
, 412-648-1479

Mary Lou Klem, PhD, MLIS
, 412-383-9947

Ahlam Saleh, MD, MLS, 412-648-2166

School of Medicine
Contact the reference desk 412-648-8796

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