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Changes in HSLS Collections for 2013

The economic climate of recent years demands that libraries build and manage their collections in more cost-effective ways. Subscription costs continue to rise—at rates far above general inflation—leaving libraries with little budgetary room to maintain their existing collections, let alone grow them. In response to the changing needs of their diverse user populations, libraries often add new resources while canceling others.

The following electronic journals have been added to the HSLS collection for 2013:

1.  Publication forthcoming later in 2013.

Please note that the new subscriptions may not yet be active for some journals.

Below is a list of cancelled e-journals and print journals. Cancellation decisions were primarily based on usage statistics and cost-per-use, though other factors were considered in the process. The savings realized through these cancellations allow us not only to absorb the cost increases on our existing resources, but also to add some new resources. HSLS made a concerted effort to add new electronic journals that have been requested by our users.

The following electronic journals were cancelled for 2013. University of Pittsburgh users may order individual articles for a small fee through the HSLS Document Delivery Service.

2.  Ceased publication.

The following print journals were cancelled for 2013:

~ Jeff Husted

Posted in the February 2013 Issue