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STAT!Ref has a New Platform

In September, STAT!Ref moved to a new platform called TDS Health (Teton Data Systems Health). TDS Health is the producer of STAT!Ref. The TDS Health home page is set up in user-friendly panels that you can organize by dragging them or moving them to suit your needs.

STAT!Ref, one of the key resources on the TDS Health platform, allows you to easily search the full text of individual biomedical e-books.

Popular STAT!Ref e-books include:

A few navigational highlights about the new platform include:

The free STAT!Ref Mobile App provides access to all of the same reference e-books as the HSLS STAT!Ref database. For more information about the app, including how to access it and create an account, please see the HSLS Mobile Apps website.

In addition to STAT!Ref, the new TDS Health platform provides access to TDS Health News, EBMCalc, Evidence Alerts, a Medical News Feed, and ICD-10 Conversion Tools.

Handouts and other help resources are located on the TDS Health Support website.

~Jill Foust

Posted in the October 2019 Issue