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Genomic Analysis is a Snap using SnapGene

SnapGene MapView

Image: Restriction Cloning ( by SnapGene

Would you like to…

You can do all of this and more with SnapGene. The HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service now provides access to this popular molecular biology software, making it that much easier for Pitt researchers to easily perform in silico DNA analysis, molecular cloning, and PCR.

Here are just a few of the things SnapGene can do:

Register for SnapGene and check out the tutorial videos. The user guide offers extensive lessons ranging from searching and colors, to enzymes and restriction cloning & linear ligation. The FAQs also provide support related to files, features, primers, and more. Contact the HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service with any additional questions.

*Parts of this article were derived from the SnapGene website.

~ Carrie Iwema

Posted in the July 2018 Issue