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August 2009

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IMLS Grant Awarded to Health Sciences Library System and School of Information Sciences

imlsHSLS and the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences (the iSchool) have been awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The three-year grant, for $991,311, will support the development of a Post Master’s Degree Certificate of Advanced Studies in Health Sciences Librarianship, managed jointly by the iSchool and HSLS. The program will offer specialized preparation for professional positions in health sciences libraries. iHealth@Pitt will include online coursework, an applied research project, mentoring experiences, and attendance at a national conference. The grant from IMLS will support the costs of curriculum development and evaluation, online course delivery infrastructure, and student recruitment. In addition, the grant will provide tuition scholarships for 27 students throughout the United States. Students will be enrolled in iHealth@Pitt beginning in May 2010.

New Bioinformatics Resources: Lasergene and Partek Genomics Suite

Are you a frustrated Mac user trying to find sequence analysis software? Have you been searching for software to help you with data on copy number variation? We’ve heard you, and we’ve licensed new resources, Lasergene and Partek Genomics Suite, to help you out!

Director’s Reflections…Welcome!


The staff at HSLS is pleased to welcome new and returning faculty and students.  Though we’ve hardly been napping all summer, it’s fun to get back into the faster pace that fall term brings.

HSLS Remote Access Changes

Thousands of users access HSLS electronic resources from computers, at home or elsewhere, that are not directly connected to the Pitt or UPMC networks.  Many have registered for HSLS Remote Access accounts using their email addresses.

Effective August 31, 2009, all HSLS Remote Access accounts will be discontinued due to changes in network security.

Librarians on Your Team

Over the past several years, HSLS librarians have increasingly been invited to be part of a team of clinicians or researchers working on projects or grants.  These HSLS reference librarians bring knowledge-based resources and expert search skills to the team.  They are trained to analyze complex questions and formulate comprehensive search strategies.

Librarians and Nurses: Partnering for Patient Safety

img_1423_v2Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a systematic approach to health care where providers, including nurses, apply the best available evidence from scientific studies to make clinical decisions and promote patient safety.

Survey Results: Molecular Biology Information Service

mb_4prongIn early spring 2009, the HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service (MBIS) conducted an online survey as part of a larger project assessing the overall services of MBIS.  The intent was to gather feedback in order to create new workshops, identify new bioinformatics tools to license, update our Web site, promote our services, and strengthen the relationship with our users.

GoPubMed for Enhanced Retrieval of PubMed Search Results

gopubmedGoPubMed is a free biomedical literature search tool that expands on PubMed search results through ontology and categorization rather than chronology. After search terms are entered, GoPubMed sorts results into four categories: What, Who, Where, and When. These correspond to relevant concepts, authors, affiliations, journals, and publication dates. The categories expand and collapse for easy viewing.

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