Enhance Your Learning with Microsoft HoloLens and AnatomyX at the HSLS VR LearnSpace

HSLS is pleased to introduce its new Microsoft HoloLens headset, which is now available to borrow from the HSLS Technology Help Desk with your valid Pitt ID. The Microsoft HoloLens is a standalone virtual reality system in which players interact with 3D holograms through voice, touch, and hand gestures. When using the HoloLens, players can always see both their physical environment and virtual images, which makes this an ideal system for those new to virtual worlds.

To complement the HoloLens, HSLS is excited to offer full access to AnatomyX, an augmented reality anatomy lab and learning platform supported by the HoloLens. AnatomyX features over 5,000 detailed anatomical models of the human body and provides users with current information about anatomy functions, etymology, and more. Interested faculty members are encouraged to inquire about AnatomyX’s customizable learning experiences, available through features such as buildable quizzes.

In addition to AnatomyX, the library provides access to more than twenty other HoloLens applications, including clinical simulations, medical imaging apps, and beginner-friendly games. To learn more about these software titles and the other virtual reality experiences HSLS has to offer, visit the Virtual Reality at HSLS LibGuide.

Visit the HSLS Technology Help Desk on the library’s upper floor with your valid Pitt ID to try out the Microsoft HoloLens. No reservation is needed, but the equipment must be used within the library’s designated VR space. The headset comes with a detailed user guide and the desk attendant is available to answer questions while you play. You can also contact the HSLS Technology Help Desk with questions about VR, requests for personalized demonstrations, and inquiries about incorporating VR into course curricula.

~Julia Reese