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Rebekah Miller, Research and Instruction Librarian, has been awarded a Pitt Seed Grant as part of the interdisciplinary team for “Disrupting Health Dis- and Misinformation in the Patient-Care Setting: Open Educational Resources for Nurse Education.” This project will create interactive learning modules for undergraduate nursing students to teach them how to dispel misinformation in health care settings. Team members include Betty Braxter (School of Nursing), Beth Hoffman (Pitt Public Health), Theresa Koleck (School of Nursing), Urszula Lechtenberg (University Library System), Lara Putnam (History), Marc Ross (University Library System), Beth Schwanke (Pitt Cyber), and Sera Thornton (Center for Teaching & Learning).


Helena VonVille, Research and Instruction Librarian, co-authored the article:

Brady, M, VonVille, H, White, J, Martin, E, Raabe, N, Slaughter, J, & Snyder, G. (2022). Transmission visualizations of healthcare infection clusters: A scoping review. Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology, 2(1), E92. doi:10.1017/ash.2022.237