Featured Workshop: Find and Get the Research Funding You Need

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Featured workshop of the month: Find and Get the Research Funding You Need

Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 10-11 a.m.

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Applying for grants and securing research funding plays a crucial role in the research process, as it can help advance the successful execution of the research project. However, knowing where to start can be intimidating due to the variety of funders (federal, state, non-profit, etc.), types of awards (grants, scholarships, etc.), recipient requirements (early-career researcher, doctoral student, institutional, etc.), and other factors. While there is plenty of online information regarding this topic, searching the internet can cause information overload or provide misleading advice. The key to getting funding is not simply finding an award and applying for it, but applying to the right funder for the appropriate type of award.

In this session, participants will have a chance to view and explore PIVOT, a resource available through Pitt to find funding through a wide array of agencies and organizations, covering everything from clinical trials to post-docs to conference attendance. Attendees will receive a demonstration of the NIH RePORTER system which can be used to find past awardees and projects for grants of interest, to ensure an award is appropriate to apply for. In addition, participants will learn about sources to help guide grant preparation, thereby smoothing the path to work efficiently and effectively.

If you are unable to attend, this scheduled session can also be repeated on request. Request a customized session of “Find and Get the Research Funding You Need” and other HSLS workshops for your course, group, or department.

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*HSLS classes are open to University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students, as well as UPMC residents and fellows. A valid email address is required to register.

~Marissa Spade