Uninterrupted Access to Journal Articles via SeamlessAccess

SeamlessAccess is a service designed to foster a more streamlined online access experience when using scholarly collaboration tools, information resources, and shared research infrastructure. This service offers HSLS users convenient access to selected licensed resources with just one click. Currently, SeamlessAccess partners with Elsevier ScienceDirect, Nature, American Chemical Society, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis to allow for one-click access via their platforms. This list will continue to grow in 2021 as Elsevier plans to add SeamlessAccess to its other products.

According to a recent webinar, SeamlessAccess users number in the hundreds of thousands, and it’s easy to see why. Between the amount of users working from home right now, and the benefits this service provides, it is a handy tool for remote users. Pitt users can take advantage of SeamlessAccess for articles on participating publishers’ platforms that are licensed by HSLS. Researchers will now see the SeamlessAccess “Access through your institution” button clearly marked on ScienceDirect article pages, as well as articles from Nature, and the other publishers mentioned above. By clicking on “Access through your institution,” you will be directed to Pitt Passport to sign in, and then taken back to the publisher’s page. If HSLS doesn’t have a subscription to a particular journal, you may request a copy free of charge from our Document Delivery Service.

SeamlessAccess remembers a user’s choice of institution, so you don’t have to repeat the institutional selection process when you want to move from one participating site to another. Users can switch between different publishers by clicking the “Access through your institution” button. And, once you have logged into any platform, it will remember you the next time you return, provided you are using the same browser and haven’t since cleared your cache or cookies.

SeamlessAccess continues to simplify and streamline the user experience across different resource platforms.

~Misti Kane