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The HSLS Staff News section includes recent HSLS presentations, publications, staff changes, staff promotions, degrees earned, etc.

Names in bold are HSLS-affiliated


Kate Flewelling, Executive Director, NNLM Middle Atlantic Region, was appointed Co-Chair of the Medical Library Association’s National Program Committee for the 2023 Annual Conference.

Tess Wilson, All of Us Community Engagement Coordinator, has been accepted as a fellow with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the New Leaders Council. This six-month leadership program equips participants with a foundation of skills and resources to become effective leaders and agents of change in their communities.


Rebecca Abromitis, Research and Instruction Librarian (emeritus):

Hawkins CB, Abromitis R, van Eck C. Differences in risk factors exist for the occurrence of bilateral versus unilateral distal biceps tendon ruptures: a systematic review. J ISAKOS. 2020 Dec 3. doi: dx.doi.org/10.1136/jisakos-2020-000570.

Sri Chaparala, Bioinformatics Specialist:

Ganapathiraju MK, Subramanian S, Chaparala S, Karunakaran KB. A reference catalog of DNA palindromes in the human genome and their variations in 1000 Genomes. Hum Genome Var. 2020:7(40). doi: doi.org/10.1038/s41439-020-00127-5.

Ansuman Chattopadhyay, Assistant Director for Molecular Biology Information Services:

Cong G, Cui X, Ferrari R, Pipinos II, Casale GP, Chattopadhyay A, Sachdev U. Fibrosis distinguishes critical limb ischemia patients from claudicants in a transcriptomic and histologic analysisJ Clin Med. 2020; 9(12):3974. doi: doi.org/10.3390/jcm9123974.

Song S, Huang H, Guan X, Fiesler V, Bhuiyan MIH, Liu R, Jalali S, Hasan MN, Tai AK, Chattopadhyay A, Chaparala S, Sun M, Stolz DB, He P, Agalliu D, Sun D, Begum G. Activation of endothelial Wnt/β-catenin signaling by protective astrocytes repairs BBB damage in ischemic stroke. Prog Neurobiol. 2020 Nov 26:101963. doi: 10.1016/j.pneurobio.2020.101963. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33249091.

Jill Foust, Research and Instruction Librarian:

Phillips AR, Tran L, Foust JE, Liang NL. Systematic review of plasma to packed red blood cell ratio on survival in ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms. J Vasc Surg. 2020 Nov 12:S0741-5214(20)32284-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jvs.2020.10.027. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33189763.

Michele Klein-Fedyshin, Research and Clinical Instruction Librarian:

Kahn L, Siegel E, Ghassabian A, Factor-Litvak P, Harley K, Hipwell A, Klein-Fedyshin M, Porucznik C, Yeyi Z. Indoor and outdoor air pollution and couple fecundability: a systematic review. PROSPERO: International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews [Internet]. 2020. doi: CRD42020208340.

Poster Presentations:

Michele Klein-Fedyshin, Research and Clinical Instruction Librarian:

Connor S, Covvey J, Golchin N, Jonkman L, Kahaleh A, Klein-Fedyshin M, Park S, Ryan M. Strategies for assessing global health education in the classroom: a systematic review [Internet]. Poster session presented at: the Annual AACP Meeting; 2020 Jul; Long Beach, CA.

Glaser J, Nouri J, Fernandez SA, Sudore RL, Schillinger D, Klein-Fedyshin M, Schenker Y. Interventions to improve patient comprehension in informed consent for medical and surgical procedures: an updated systematic review [Internet]. Poster session presented at: UCSF Inquiry Symposium; 2020 Apr; San Francisco, CA.

Buckley M, Fraser G, Smithburger P, Wong A, Klein-Fedyshin M, Reade M, et al. Dexmedetomidine for facilitating extubation in difficult-to-wean ICU patients: meta-analysis [Internet]. Poster session presented at: 49th Critical Care Congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. 2020 Feb; Orlando, FL.