HSLS Guides: Updated Look and Frequently Updated Content

HSLS offers a vast amount of 24/7 online content for the health sciences, including what we call subject guides, which bring together important links and information for a specific purpose. You may have already encountered a guide designed specifically for your school, such as Nursing or Pharmacy. Beyond these portals, HSLS also has guides that provide educational content for HSLS workshops, as well as Pitt courses where faculty librarians are guest lecturers. Guides can help you locate special resources, like bioinformatics software or electronic research notebooks that are free for Pitt researchers.

Prior to winter break, all HSLS Guides received a makeover, including updated Pitt branding and a standard style across all guides. Additionally, guides were reformatted to maximize ease of use for all readers. The new side-based navigation lets you click through the guides to find what you need faster. All guides use a single-column format to create a user-friendly information architecture and streamlined look. These changes, along with further backend accessibility improvements, should aid all site visitors, including those using screen readers, in effectively using HSLS Guides. And it’s important to note that although the guides have a new look, the same information is still available to you.

Behind the scenes, guides are updated regularly by HSLS experts as information changes or becomes available. The date and time of the last update are listed at the bottom of each guide. If you have a question related to a specific guide, contact information for an HSLS content expert is listed below each guide’s navigation menu.

Want to check out the guides’ new look? Click around on HSLS’s popular Citation Manager Guide to learn about EndNote, Zotero, and other tools that can help you organize and cite references. You could also visit the guide on Systematic Reviews at HSLS. There, you’ll find a rundown on performing systematic reviews, a summary of different review types, and an overview on how HSLS librarians can help you execute a systematic review. For a look at a few resources available through Falk Library, check out the guide on Virtual Reality at HSLS, the Mobile Apps Guide, and the guide to Free Images on the Web.

For a full list of available guides, see the HSLS Guides homepage, which links to more than forty different subject guides.

~ Julia Reese and Julia Dahm