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Why Update Your Version of EndNote?

Do you remember the last time you updated your version of EndNote? The newest EndNote version provides various enhancements such as improved performance and cross-compatibility (macOS), fixes to Cite While You Write for in-text citations, and PDF import enhancements. There have also been improvements in finding full text. Another good reason to update is that while EndNote x9.3 can open older EndNote libraries, older versions of EndNote cannot open an EndNote library created in x9.3 or later. This means that you will have difficulties collaborating on projects using a compressed EndNote library as you won’t be able to view the citations. Lastly, many software companies stop providing support for older versions of software. And those of us who work in libraries typically have more current versions so it is difficult to provide assistance as well.

For instructions on how to determine the EndNote version you are running and how to check for updates, direct your browser to Updating EndNote in the HSLS EndNote LibGuide.

Do you want to learn more about using EndNote? HSLS is offering a variety of online EndNote classes this summer. There is excellent online support available as well. These resources are particularly useful:

For Windows users:

For Mac users:

The University of Queensland’s Using EndNote site has a great explanation of the macOS and potential EndNote issues.

If you have specific questions about EndNote, please contact Ask a Librarian.

~Helena VonVille