Current Study Spaces at Falk Library

Falk Library has seen many changes recently. The group study rooms, upper floor study lounge, and main floor group study area have closed, and temporary construction walls have gone up. But if you’re looking for a place to study, one thing hasn’t changed—we’ve adapted our space to ensure that you can still get the most out of your study hours at Falk Library.

Looking for a place to study with friends? The main floor has large four- and six-person tables. You can also find a variety of large and small tables on the upper floor, along with a laptop bar.

Want to be alone with your books? Individual study carrels are located on the upper floor across from Classroom 2. They are also available on the main floor in both the main area and the reserved quiet study area.

If you want to relax in an armchair, visit one of the comfortable seating areas on the upper floor.

Need access to a desktop computer? The main floor has 22 PCs and 2 MACs, while the upper floor has 20 PCs and 4 MACs. Classroom 2 computers (on the upper floor) are also available when a class is not in session—check the calendar posted outside the room for scheduled class times.

Library spaces will continue to evolve as the Scaife Hall West Wing addition project continues. We appreciate your patience as we prepare for the new and improved Falk Library.

~Julia Reese