Finals Week De-Stress Activities at HSLS

It’s that time again—finals week—and the library is bursting with students studying, writing papers, and finishing research projects. HSLS called upon our furry, four-legged friends to give health sciences students a stress-free study break. Over 80 students filled our conference room with smiles and laughter while enjoying the company of Mosie and Hava, both Portuguese water dogs, and Blue, a golden retriever. HSLS would like to thank Rick Oberndorf and Melissa Saul, the pet handlers who volunteered their time to this effort.

With a focus on creating, a second study break allowed students to dabble in art activities related to the brain. Attendees chose from a variety of paint, playdoh, yarn, beads, pipe cleaners, and straws to create art pieces such as inkblots and crafty neurons. This event was hosted by Pitt’s Center for Creativity and held in conjunction with HSLS’s Art on the Brain exhibit.