Enter the Art on the Brain Coloring Contest

Top view and close up of desktop with creative brain sketch. Brainstorm and art conceptWant to de-stress and win a neuro-themed prize? You’re invited to compete in a ‘brainy’ coloring contest—one of the related activities surrounding the ongoing Art on the Brain exhibit at Falk Library.

Why a coloring contest? Coloring allows anyone to be creative, and there’s no right or wrong technique. And despite what you learned as a child, you can even feel free to color outside the lines! Plus, briefly moving the focus of your busy brain away from your screens to engage in the simple act of coloring can be relaxing, fun, or even meditative.

To enter the contest, visit either of the creative relaxation stations in Falk Library (located on the main floor and the upper floor exhibit area) to choose from among five brain images and assorted coloring supplies. After completing your brain art, turn in your masterpiece in the designated folders, along with your contact information.

The coloring contest deadline is Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Entries will be posted on the library’s central main floor, where you can vote for your favorite. Then stay tuned the week of May 27 for a winner announcement!

While you’re at the relaxation station to color your brain, feel free to play with a brainy jigsaw puzzle, or use an app to create digital art. And of course, you’ll want to experience the stunning Art on the Brain exhibit , as well as the complementary artwork on the main floor from Pitt’s own Center for Biologic Imaging.

–Rebecca Abromitis