HSLS librarians were active participants in the Medical Library Association’s Annual Meeting held in Seattle, WA, from May 26-31.

MLA '17 - Dream Dare Do

Poster Presentations

Rebecca Abromitis, Research and Instruction Librarian, presented “How Does Pretesting for PubMed Knowledge Spark Student Learning?”

Carrie L. Iwema, Molecular Bioinformationist, presented “Bio-retrospective: 15 Years as a Library-Based Molecular Biology Information Service.” Co-author was Ansuman Chattopadhyay, Assistant Director for Molecular Biology Information Services.

Melissa Ratajeski, Coordinator of Data Management Services, co-authored the poster, “Searching for Animal Research Methodology: The Potential Impact of Differences between the PubMed Record and Full-text Methods Section.” Emily S. Mazure, Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives, presented the poster. Other co-authors were Brandi Tuttle and Erica Brody, Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives; Karen H. Gau, Virginia Commonwealth University Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences; and Brian Di Pace, Virginia Commonwealth University Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory.

Lightning Talks

Melissa Ratajeski, Coordinator of Data Management Services, presented “Discovering Data: A Federated Search Portal of Data Journals.” Co-authors were Andrea Ketchum, Research and Instruction Librarian/Scholarly Communication Liaison; Angela Zack, Knowledge Integration Lead; and Carrie Iwema, Molecular Bioinformationist.

Special Content Session

Lydia Collins, NNLM MAR Consumer Health Coordinator, presented “’Engage for Health’: A Partnership for Improved Patient-Doctor Communication.” Co-presenter was Jennifer Collins, Director, Public Affairs, The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania. Elaina Vitale, NNLM MAR Academic Coordinator, moderated the session.

Kate Flewelling, NNLM MAR Executive Director, moderated and co-presented the special content session “Environmental Health: Addressing Health Disparities at the Source.” Co-presenters were Jim Anderson, Evergreen Treatment Services and Family Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine; Linda Hasman, University of Rochester; and Laura Bartlett, National Library of Medicine.

Other Conference Activities

Barbara Epstein, HSLS Director, presented her inaugural presidential talk, titled “Gaining Speed and Ready to Take Off,” as she assumed the presidency of MLA for 2017-18. For the past year, she has served as President-Elect and a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

Barbara Epstein, HSLS Director; Renae Barger, Associate Director for Research, Instruction and Clinical Services; Fran Yarger, Associate Director for Digital Library Services; Kate Flewelling, NNLM MAR Executive Director; and John LaDue, NWSO Executive Director, participated on the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Steering Committee.

Co-chairs Michele Klein Fedyshin, Research and Clinical Instruction Librarian, and Andrea Ketchum, Research and Instruction Librarian/Scholarly Communication Liaison, met with the MLA Ad Hoc Committee to Review Core Clinical Journals.

Kate Flewelling, NNLM MAR Executive Director, completed a term as past chair of the Relevant Issues Section. She also served as Section Council liaison to the Membership Committee.

Carrie Iwema, Molecular Bioinformationist, was Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, Founding member of the Education Steering Committee, and a Research Section paper judge.

Melissa Ratajeski, Coordinator of Data Management Services, chaired the Chapter Council meeting and attended the MLA Board of Director’s meeting as a member.

~Jill Foust