Adaptable Resources for Technology Users

HSLS Technology Services offers a variety of equipment and software that provide better accessibility for HSLS users. Our goal is to provide resources to enhance technology use in a self-service model, where people who want to use these resources have easy access and those who don’t are not hindered by them.

Three computer stations have designated accessible hardware. All public computers on the main floor and upper floor of the library have an Accessible Resources folder on the desktop. The folder contains shortcuts to software and websites that provide assistance.

Accessibility resources target the following needs:

Low vision/vision enhancement:

  • Enlarged keyboard labels (select computers)
  • Headphones (circulating)
  • NVDA screen reader
  • NaturalReader text-to-speech software
  • Book scanner for image-to-text conversion

Motor function aids:

  • Guards for keyboard to press one key at a time (select computers)
  • Trackball mouse (select computers)
  • Wrist rest and forearm rest (select computers)

Wheelchair accommodations:

  • Height adjustable desk

Hearing enhancement:

  • Headphones (circulating)
  • System provided visual notifications for sounds (flash active title bar, window, or display)

Reading comprehension:

  • Beeline (extension in Chrome) for reading focus
  • Readsy (website) for focusing on one word at a time
  • Rewordify (website) to replace advanced words with more common words
  • Spreeder (website) for speed reading

Learning disability and attention disorders:

  • Earplugs (available at main desk and help desk)
  • Popplet (website) – mind mapping tool
  • StayFocusd (Chrome extension) to discourage time wasting
  • Time Tracker (Chrome extension) to measure time spent on a website

The Accessible Technology Services page provides information on available resources as well as a request form to submit ideas for further software or equipment purchases.

~Julia Dahm