Use NCBI’s SciENcv to Generate Your New NIH Biosketch

scienCVThe May 25th deadline for the required change in the NIH biosketch format is rapidly approaching. SciENcv, a new tool from NCBI, will help you quickly generate and manage biosketches for NIH and NSF.

NCBI has added SciENcv to My NCBI, the research management dashboard which can be accessed from the upper right corner of the PubMed home page. When a researcher is logged in to My NCBI using his or her eRA Commons credentials, SciENcv will generate a properly formatted biosketch drawing from that eRA Commons account. For those without eRA Commons accounts, alternative sign-in options are available, such as “University of Pittsburgh” and “ORCID.” Any corrections or additions to the biosketch can be made within SciENcv after the import from the external source is complete. Biosketches can be saved and reused, or customized for future applications.

NCBI’s SciENcv home page features FAQs, a video tutorial, presentations, and other helpful information to help you get started.

Note that it is important to have My Bibliography in your My NCBI account up to date prior to beginning the process, as My Bibliography is the source for all publications data in the Contributions to Science section of the new NIH biosketch. While you may select up to four citations to support each contribution, you may also checkmark the option at the bottom of the section to include a link to your complete list of publications in My Bibliography.

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration of the SciENcv application used for biosketch generation, please contact Andrea Ketchum at or 412-648-9757.

~Andrea Ketchum