Police Line: Do Not Cross!

Caution TapeI must be imagining things! I walk into the library and not only have the books and journals switched places, but now part of the library looks like a crime scene from CSI…have I bumped my head or have I been studying way too much?

You’re not alone if things are feeling a little out of place. But fear not—this “crime scene” is actually a step in the second phase of remodeling at Falk Library. The books from the upper floor are now on the main floor, exchanging places with the journals. The extra journal shelves that were formerly in the middle of the main floor have been removed, opening up space on the floor. In the next step, the nearby computer desks and furniture will be rearranged to make those areas more spacious for our patrons. So if you’re a victim of too much studying, you can at least get a change of scenery once the main floor remodeling is complete!

~ Julia Jankovic