Director’s Reflections

As traditional in this December issue, listed below are the donors who supported HSLS with monetary gifts and in-kind contributions in the past year (December 2010–November 2011). These thoughtful people help our libraries provide essential resources to enhance the quality of health care in western Pennsylvania and beyond. We remain extremely grateful for their generosity.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season, and a successful and productive new year!

Monetary Contributions

  • Dr. Teisa An
  • Dr. Nancy A. Baker
  • Dr. Robert Michael Dephilip
  • Ms. Barbara Epstein
  • Dr. Kenneth L. Euler
  • Dr. Edward Charles Falk
  • Ms. Dorothy I. Foor
  • Dr. Charles M. Gongloff, Jr.
  • Mr. Jie Han
  • Mr. Andrew K. Luu
  • Dr. Joanne F. McVay
  • Dr. William J. McVay
  • Dr. Mary Ann Wolak Michelis
  • Ms. Janet Lynn Misko
  • Mr. John Musgrave, IV
  • Mr. Scott Garrett Otto
  • Ms. Carol Pearlman
  • Mr. Ramon Perez
  • Dr. Ruth G. Perez
  • Mrs. Carolyn M. Phalin
  • Ms. Maria Pimentel-Schumann
  • Mr. Frederick Allan Prinz
  • Dr. Carol Elizabeth Roach Mattes
  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Schlenk
  • Dr. John B. Schumann
  • Dr. Gerald Sonnenfeld
  • Dr. Mark F. Sosovicka

Gifts of Books or Journals

  • Ms. Ruth Einhorn
  • Ms. Karen A. McWhirt
  • Dr. Alan Meisel
  • Dr. Christine Micarek
  • Dr. Eric Miller