Time to Test Those Bookmarks!

Have you created Web-based bookmarks for quick and easy access to HSLS resources and Web pages that you use frequently? If so, now is the time to test your bookmarks. When you click on a bookmarked link, it should always lead to a relevant Web page. But for various reasons, a Web address, also known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), can link to an unrelated Web page or display an error message. These changes occur because the original Web page was moved or is not being updated. Or, perhaps an electronic resource is no longer available.

bookmarkTo avoid bookmarking problems, the best solution is to bookmark the HSLS home page and select an electronic resource or HSLS Web page from there, so you can be assured the Web address is accurate, and links to journal articles will work correctly.

~ Jill Foust

Posted in the 2009 Issue