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The National Library of Medicine’s Social Media Tools

NLMYou’d expect the largest medical library in the world to be on Facebook. And so they are.

If you are one of the National Library of Medicine’s 1,443 admirers and visited its page during the first week of May, you could have listened to Director Donald A.B. Lindberg’s podcast about progress on electronic health records or learned about a recent Friends of the NLM conference, The ePatient: Digital and Genomic Technologies for Personalized Health Care. Soon after the page debuted in February, you could have learned about NLM’s Haiti Earthquake People Locator.

And you’d know that NLM’s favorite pages include that of its own National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), plus those of NIH and CDC.

NLM has been expanding its social media presence. You can now choose among 9 Twitter and 7 RSS feeds, in addition to the aforementioned Director’s Comments podcast. First, Twitter:

In the RSS list:

Don’t forget that you can create an RSS feed from any PubMed search.


And if @nlm_harrypotter doesn’t satisfy your craving for the supernatural, try Google Reader’s Sort by magic setting.

~ Patricia Weiss

Posted in the June 2010 Issue